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Early voting totals, Days 10 and 11

Eleven days of Early Voting down, one to go. Here’s the Early Voting daily report from Day 11, plus the 2009 spreadsheet, the 2007 daily EV report, and the Erik Vidor spreadsheet, and our old friend the comparison chart:

Type 2005 2007 2009 2011 ===================================== In Person 53,161 32,947 54,296 39,110 Absentee 3,618 6,432 7,200 7,769 Total 56,779 39,379 61,496 46,879 09 Pct 92.3% 64.0% 100% 76.2%

The second Thursday is where the 2005 early vote totals took their first big leap forward; they then doubled for the last day, which helped make 2005 the highest turnout year of the three. Turnout in 2007 did not spike until the very last day, while turnout in 2009 jumped up on Tuesday but never advanced beyond that, even on the last day. This year has been more like 2007, in that it has crept upward, but never really jumped. Still, the in person total from the last day in 2007 was about double that of the day before, so if we get that we’ll have about 12,000 in person votes tomorrow. It’s nearly impossible at this point for early voting turnout to be lower than it was in 2007. How that translates to a final total remains to be seen – it’s all a matter of guessing what percentage of the electorate has already voted. I’ll have final EV totals and projections for Tuesday over the weekend.

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