Growing the recycling economy

November 15 was National Recycling Day – you may recall it as the day that Houston announced a program to bring recycling to apartments – and on that day the BlueGreen Alliance put out a report on growing the recycling economy in the US. Looking at the report, I’d say Houston has taken a number of steps forward, but there are still areas of improvement beyond just expanding curbside recycling to more households. I have no idea what we do with construction and demolition debris, for instance, and there’s a lot more than can be done with compostible waste. The report has a number of case studies, so we can see what some other cities are doing. Check it out.

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3 Responses to Growing the recycling economy

  1. I am glad to hear Houston is moving in the right direction.

  2. Ross says:

    A big step would be to get rid of the stupid compostable bag requirement and go back to having the solid waste people dump the bags of yard waste into the back of the truck, then put the plastic bags in the trash. There’s nothing like buying 30 dollars worth of bags for leaves, like my neighbor had to do, to ruin your day. He doesn’t have any need for compost, and doesn’t catch his grass clippings, but the leaves have to go somewhere.

    I would be thrilled to get a big green bin for single stream recycling. If the City waits much longer, I’m going to start putting the paper and glass in the regular trash again, as I’m tired of having to haul multiple containers to the curb, and to take glass to Center Street.

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