Today is Runoff Day

Well, this is it. Today is officially the last day of the Election 2008 cycle in Texas as Chris Bell goes up against Joan Huffman for SD17. I caught one of Huffman’s ads on the tube last night. It’s more than a little precious of someone who’s essentially a wholly-owned subsidiary of Texans for Lawsuit Reform to talk about “standing up to the lobby”, but there you have it. If you live in SD17 and haven’t voted for Bell yet, what are you waiting for? You can find your polling place here. Get out there and bring some friends. This is going to be a low-turnout affair – surely fewer than 40,000 votes, maybe fewer than 35,000, for something the size of a Congressional district. Your vote will never mean as much in SD17 as it will tomorrow. So please go vote for Chris Bell, and let’s make it a lucky number 13 in the Senate. Thanks very much.

Oh, and if you’re in a partying mood, Team Bell will be gathering tonight starting at 8 PM at Jimmy Wilson’s Restaurant, 5161 San Felipe in Houston. Have fun!

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One Response to Today is Runoff Day

  1. Baby Snooks says:

    Some might counter this by pointing out that Chris Bell is a wholly owned subsidiary of Texans for Insurance Reform which is just a front for the plaintiffs attorneys who of course oppose tort reform. The real problem on both sides is that the interests of the public are secondary to the interests of the lobbyists. And of course Joan Huffman has pointed out that Chris Bell is a lobbyist. Over and over and over and over. Regardless of who wins, at least we will not have to watch her commercial again. Which may cost her the election. Over the weekend I suspect quite a few were tempted to thrown something at the television screen. Honestly I suspect quite a few wish they could write-in on the ballot. Most would probably write-in Mickey Mouse.

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