Signs of life at Regent Square?

From Swamplot:

HERE’S A LATE addition to the demolition of the Allen House Apartments, the first portions of which went down in 2007, in anticipation of the giant Regent Square mixed-use developmentin North Montrose that never happened — or rather, hasn’t yet.The smashing of one Allen House’s 2 remaining buildings is now taking place across West Dallas from Teala’s Mexican Restaurant,just beyond the back windows of the Piedmont at River Oaks condos on Rosine St. A Swamplot reader sent us the above photo last Friday. Does this mean the long-dormant Regent Square is at long last ready to stir?

The North Montrose Civic Association announced in a recent newsletter that a “big announcement” about Regent Square is due in May: “Rumors are that a high rise residential [tower is] being planned as [the] first building.” Separately, Regent Square developer GID Development has promised additional details in May or June about this 21-story highrise apartment building, called the Sovereign, which happens to feature a large number ofdog-friendly amenities, including canine wash/dry facilities, a pet grooming room, and a private doggie park:

There’s pictures of what may be to come at Swamplot, so check it out. As noted, Allen House was demolished in October, 2007, though we first heard about its demise in January of that year. The last update I had on Regent Square was from August of 2010, and it did say that they hoed to break ground in 2012, so this thing is actually on track. I may haul out the camera again when construction starts.

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