Don’t talk about 2014!

Greg Abbott continues to not talk about his burning desire to be Governor.

Still not Greg Abbott

When it comes to his political ambitions, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is playing coy.

During a campaign stop Tuesday in Helotes, where he endorsed Republican state Rep. John Garza, Abbott again refused to offer any details about his next step — a question that has followed him for months.

“I am working to sue the federal government and protect Texans, and I’m not running for anything right now,” Abbott said. “I’ve got a full-time job, and I don’t have time to be focusing on running.”

Mm hmm. I will admit, he does have a lot on his plate, what with getting bench-slapped all over the place. But we all know the reason why he’s not talking about running for Governor, and that’s because he fears that any sudden move will spook Rick Perry into running for re-election again. Abbott’s hoping that Perry will finally abdicate the throne so he can have it. Ask Kay Bailey Hutchison how well that strategy works.

Speaking of KBH, as you know I chose a theme song for her to celebrate her endless public dithering about when and if she should step down from the Senate:

Good times, good times. I’m thinking that the way this is going Abbott’s going to need one as well, but I can’t think of anything that’s as obviously fitting as the Clash’s classic. I have picked a mascot, as you can see above, but I feel like this deserves musical accompaniment. So let me throw this out for suggestions: What do you think is Greg Abbott’s “I want to run for Governor if Rick Perry will let me” theme song? Bonus points for pointing to a video as well.

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One Response to Don’t talk about 2014!

  1. PDiddie says:

    Since you used Miami Steve, I might have suggested “I Am a Patriot” from his Disciple of Soul days:

    But since he’s Tony Soprano’s consigliere here (you may recall that BAR called Abbott that in a debate once) I’ll recommend the late, great R. L. Burnside — who also had another tune on The Sopranos — and ‘The Criminal Inside Me”.

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