Weekend link dump for June 24

The days are getting shorter already.

Those who can, do. Those who aren’t asked to do, complain about it.

I don’t care how Americans feel about broccoli. I still hate it.

Learning about cocaine usage from what gets flushed down the potty.

Who ever said dentistry was boring?

Use your smartphone instead of your ATM card when you want to withdraw cash.

When Ray Bradbury met Al Feldstein, the man who adapted his stories for EC Comics. Follow the links to read the whole saga from the beginning, it’s well worth it.

How to get free WiFi wherever you are.

However much you don’t like flying coach now, you won’t like it more soon.

President Obama’s announcement that people who were brought to this country illegally as children will not be deported will have a real positive effect on those children.

You can find inspiring stories in some places you might not expect to find them.

The last refuge of the scoundrel – and the buffoon and the sleaze merchant – is “bipartisanship”.

It’s not door handles, showers and carpets that hotel visitors have to worry about, but objects such as light switches, remotes, bathroom sinks, and telephone keypads. Feel like washing your hands now?

Let’s make it easier to commit Medicare fraud than register to vote. Great idea, right?

I admit, I had no idea that candy canes were a cultural dog whistle.

“Are dormant oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico hulking, rusty relics that should be removed or valuable havens for marine life that should be preserved?”

Free Rafael Diaz!

Bicycle helmets may do more harm than good.

RIP, LeRoy Nieman.

The reasons why some TV shows don’t get adequately packaged and released as DVD sets are often complicated.

Things that are not Greece, or Spain or Ireland or Portugal either.

Fifty Shades of Orange: A lesson in how describing reality can change it.

When did food that requires chewing go out of style?

Were you a GLOW fan back in the day? You’ll want to click that link if so.

A three-generation view on “having it all”.

I was an employee of Corporate Software/Stream for almost four years in the 90s. I guess that means a small part of Mitt Romney’s gigantic fortune is because of me.

If one of the people who testified in favor of Prop 8 can change him mind about marriage equality, then so can anyone.

To boldly go where no one has gone before.

“If you want to understand the centrality of anti-abortion and anti-gay ideology in American evangelicalism, follow the money.”

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One Response to Weekend link dump for June 24

  1. Buhallin says:

    The random dump that caught my attention was the TV/DVD one. This one annoys me – I’m desperately hoping for China Beach to eventually release on DVD, but it’s being held up by music licensing issues (a common issue that the linked article doesn’t address).

    If nobody can see art because corporations are too busy fighting over which of them gets the money for something they didn’t do… is it still art?

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