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Diaz has larger lead in Constable Precinct 2 race

Sixteen votes. Hey, it counts.

After provisional ballots were tallied Tuesday, [Chris] Diaz’s tally stands at 2,078, while [Zerick] Guinn’s is at 2,062, said Jill Moffitt, Democratic judge of the central count.

“I’m glad that they’ve finally come up with the final resolution,” Diaz said, thanking his supporters and volunteers. “I’m very happy with the final count and, hopefully, everything will work out in the future. We’ll move on the November election and see how we can fare in that.”

That’s up from the three-vote lead Diaz had after the County Clerk finally posted the correct tallies on Wednesday morning. It was pretty clear that the provisional ballots would be good news for Diaz.

Chris Diaz

Monday the Democratic ballot board met to determine which of the overseas ballots and provisional ballots cast on Election Day should be tallied. Tuesday those votes will be counted, along with GOP results (though no Republican races are nearly as close as Guinn and Diaz’s).

Of the 118 Democratic provisional ballots examined, said ballot board chair John Behrman, 92 were accepted. Of those, said former County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia — who was in attendance as a poll watcher on Diaz’s behalf — 16 were determined to be cast by Precinct 2 voters.

And of those 16, 14 appear to have been cast in and around Jacinto City, Diaz’s base.

“I would assume that they are his voters, but I could be wrong, you never know,” said Guinn, who remained upbeat. “Everyone who voted, who supported me or my opponent, I’m excited that they’ll have an opportunity to be excited about who they chose in the race. What’s important to me is that people’s votes count.”

Indeed, though there are still some questions to be answered about that. Be that as it may, the results will be canvassed on Thursday, then it’s up to Guinn to decide whether or not to pursue things further. For now, it looks like Chris Diaz has won the runoff and will be the Democratic nominee for Constable in Precinct 2 in November.

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