The “Draft Cecile” movement spreads

If enough people ask her about it, maybe she’ll start thinking about it.

Cecile Richards

Eric Ferrero, the vice president of communications for Planned Parenthood, said [Cecile] Richards is often asked “all the time” if she will follow her mother’s footsteps and run for office, but didn’t hint if it might be in her future.

“Her focus is on everything on her plate,” Ferrero said. “It’s 100 percent of her work right now.”

That was about the same answer Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa got when he asked Richards several days ago.

“I asked her two days ago,” Hinojosa said [last] Wednesday night. “She said she appreciated being asked.”

Although the current Texas climate is dominantly conservative — Republican nominee Ted Cruz is already being addressed as “Senator Cruz” — Richards said changing demographics and an increasing Hispanic population will eventually lean Texas more Democratic.

And should she ever decide to run, Hinojosa points out she already has name recognition and a base.

“People love Ann Richards and (Cecile Richards) looks just like her mom,” he said. “She’d be an excellent public official and a great campaigner.”


“I’m hearing from women all across the state of Texas who — they’ve never been political, they’ve never marched and they’re saying, ‘What happened to my birth control, what happened to my cancer screening?’” Richards said.

I’m sure they’d like to hear you talk about your answers to those problems, all around the state. If that comes to pass, just remember that you heard about it here and here first.

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