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Friday random ten: For the ladies, part 5

Pretty good week for the ladies, wouldn’t you say? Winning elections is the best revenge. Congrats to Claire, Elizabeth, Heidi, Mazie, and Tammy for reminding us that a lady’s place is in the Senate.

1. Josie – The Darcys
2. Kathleen – The Mollys
3. Layla – Eric Clapton
4. Lilly The Pink – Ceili’s Muse
5. Lolita – Throw Me The Statue
6. Lorraine – Southside Johnny and The Jukes
7. Luanne – Tufts Beelzebubs
8. Lucretia Mac Evil – Blood, Sweat, and Tears
9. Lucy Cassidy – Clandestine
10. Margarita – Traveling Wilburys

That’s the acoustic “Layla” from the “Unplugged” CD, in case you were wondering.

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