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Back to Basics polls SD06

We don’t know when a special election in SD06 to succeed the late Sen. Mario Gallegos would be, but Back to Basics says we should start preparing for one.

Sen. Mario Gallegos

According to a new poll commissioned and released by the Back to Basics PAC, the late Senator Mario Gallegos is well-positioned to receive a majority of the vote in the Senate District 6 general election, and longtime Harris County leader Sylvia Garcia is the strongest candidate to replace Gallegos in the yet-to-be-scheduled special election for the district.

“This survey shows a few key things,” said Jeff Rotkoff, a consultant to the Back to Basics PAC. “First, Harris County voters have a high awareness of Senator Gallegos’ tragic and untimely passing, and they are ready to honor his legacy by voting for him on November 6.”

“And second, Harris County Democrats have a strong candidate to hold this seat in Commissioner Sylvia Garcia. Whenever Governor Perry chooses to set the special election to fill Senator Gallegos’ vacancy, the ballot might as well read ‘Sylvia Garcia’ and ‘everybody else,’” Rotkoff concluded.

Back to Basics’ survey of 403 likely voters was fielded between October 23 and 25 by the respected polling firm Opinion Analysts. The results include a +/- 4.9% margin of error. Key findings are below.

You can see the full memo at the link above. I think their characterization of Garcia’s chances is, shall we say, exuberant. They show her up by 12 points over State Rep. Carol Alvarado in a hypothetical four-way race that includes two male Republicans, but only at 31%, which is still a long way from 50. Suffice it to say that there’s a lot that can happen between now and whenever Rick Perry deigns to call this election. Rep. Alvarado released a statement disputing B2B’s assessment of the race the day after the poll came out. I don’t have anything further to say about this till after Election Day.

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  1. Mainstream says:

    Do I remember correctly former county commissioner Garcia had a large political campaign account which she failed to spend to keep herself in office, and am I further correct that these funds could be used in support of a state senate campaign?

  2. You are correct on both counts.

    Sylvia Garcia’s July report:

    Cash on hand = $683,446

    Carol Alvarado’s July report:

    Cash on hand = $398,715

    I think either of them has enough to run a successful campaign now, and that both will be able to raise whatever they want to raise.

  3. joshua bullard says:

    i remember when sylvia garcia first got to commisioners court-i used to always try to see her at her office and she would refuse-she never returned phone calls-she was an awfull commisioner- i will fully oppose any political return to elected office by this woman,her days as an elected official should remain in the past.

    joshua ben bullard

  4. joshua bullard says:

    if sylvia garcia wants to hire me as a campaign consultant, I can show her the path to victory. she knows how to reach me.

    joshua ben bullard

  5. Greg Wythe says:


    You know that takes 50%, right?

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