Old Sixth Ward wins preservation award

Back in January, I noted that the Old Sixth Ward had put a series of videos up on YouTube that talked about the need to preserve their historic neighborhood. I’m pleased to report that they won an award for this. The following is an email from Larissa Lindsay, which she sent to Mayor White and other city officials:

Good Morning Mayor White, and Councilmembers Garcia, Brown, and Lovell,

We have good news! As part of Texas Historic Commission’s Annual Conference, Preservation Texas honors organizations and individuals with awards to be presented at their annual dinner (this year on Friday, April 13 in 2007). The Old Sixth Ward Neighborhood Association received word that we will be receiving the “Heritage Education Award” for our YouTube.com videos (and the Mayor’s response) which brought about awareness of our special place in Houston to a broad sweep of the community. The award letter is attached. A group of us are travelling to Austin to attend the dinner, we’d love for you to join us!

Statewide preservation officials have been taking notice of what a difference the current Houston City Council is when it relates to preserving Houston’s past, and thus, the history of the great State of Texas. You should be proud of the compliments, they are well deserved. I think it is important that we are creating a sense of place in Houston. We had many people move to Houston in the 70s and 80s, they now have children who have come of age and are seeking their own history. I hope we as a public are able to fulfill that goal.

With sincerest appreciation,


Here’s the award letter. Congratulations all around!

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