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Saturday video break: Mr. Tambourine Man

Song #42 on the Popdose Top 100 Covers list is “Mr. Tambourine Man”, originally by Bob Dylan and covered by The Byrds. Here’s the original:

I’ve lost track of how many songs I’m familiar with that I didn’t know were Dylan covers. I should probably just assume any song whose provenance I don’t know was originally done by Dylan. Here’s the cover:

I’m hard pressed to think of a Dylan song that was popularized by another artist but for which the Dylan original version is better known. Any suggestions?

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  1. Linkmeister says:

    Tough question. Most of the ones for which his version is famous couldn’t possibly be done well compared to the original: “Like a Rolling Stone” will never be done by anyone as well as Dylan did it. Hmm.

  2. Michael says:

    Folk music’s great populizer and plagiarist…

  3. Bill Shirley says:

    I passed this question along to some more musically knowledgable friends than I. I agree with one who said “i find the question somewhat paradoxical. How could one version be ‘popularized’ and the other version be ‘better known’?” He then listed quite a few songs.

    I think the closest to your criteria for me was: Guns n Roses – Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.