Biggio on the ballot

Former Astros great Craig Biggio will make his debut on the Hall of Fame ballot this year.

Ballots for the 2013 Hall of Fame class will be issued this week to media members; candidates will officially be announced Wednesday. Results will be disclosed Jan. 9 for a controversial list of names that will include first-timers Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mike Piazza and Sammy Sosa.

Biggio also is a first-timer. And if he receives a once-in-a-lifetime confirmation call — a thought he’s playing down — the lifetime Astro who spent 20 major league seasons with the organization and is employed as a special assistant to general manager Jeff Luhnow said Monday the moment will be humbling and surreal.

“It’s an incredible feeling. It’s hard to put into words,” Biggio, 46, said during a news conference at Minute Maid Park. “I just loved to play the game. I would’ve played it for free if that’s what I had to do. I just enjoyed the game for what it was. It never was anything to do with trying to get yourself in the Hall of Fame.”

Biggio can submit quite the résumé for potential Hall enshrinement. The highlights: 3,060 hits, 1,844 runs and a .281 batting average during 2,850 career games that saw him play catcher, second base and the outfield.

“I’ve been very lucky and fortunate to be around good people, a great organization,” Biggio said. “It was a lot of special memories at a special time.”


With Bonds, Clemens and Sosa dominating conversation about a potential 2013 class that includes several former stars linked to performance-enhancing drugs, some believe Biggio could sneak into the Hall in January as a safe, respected choice.

The flip side to that is that the ballot is “too crowded” with Hall-worthy candidates, which may prevent Biggio from being elected because the voters don’t like to vote for too many candidates in a given year. Biggio’s teammate Jeff Bagwell has supposedly suffered from the BBWAA’s short attention span as well. I find the whole thing ridiculous, but that’s the Hall of Fame for you. I think Biggio’s case for inclusion is clear, and I hope it doesn’t take the writers too long to figure it out.

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One Response to Biggio on the ballot

  1. Brad M. says:

    Craig was such a great competitor and contributor to the Astros.

    My buddy and I drove in from college in Austin for his first starting game as an Astro back in 1988. We made a sign that said “Biggio #1” and hung it in the general admission bleachers. We could see how much grief he received from the veterans during batting practice with the sign up in the stands.

    With that said Craig is also a nominee for the Jackass Hall of Fame.

    I can remember back in 1995 when he was vocally protesting to the Astro’s owner and general manager demanding that they kick off former strike replacement player Craig McMurtry from the team. This despite the known fact that McMurtry was working for income to pay for his very ill daughter’s medical treatments. The Astros players at the time also made McMurtry, who was a relief player, stand in the bullpen because they would allow any room on the bench. Astros, with Biggio at the front of the line, exhibiting totally classless actions. What a bunch of jerks they were.

    I have never seen any reflections/comments by Biggio over the years that showed any remorse or reconsiderations on his actions. If there are and I am unaware then I would give him some credit. Otherwise great player, but a jackass.

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