And it begins in SD06

I’m only going to do this kind of post once, because I agree with Rick Noriega that the special election in SD06 needs to be about the issues and leadership, not just for that district but for the state as a whole. I understand that in an election where there are two well-qualified candidates who are essentially indistinguishable on matters of policy that personality and muckraking are going to be at the fore. I’ve been through a primary or two, I know how this goes. That doesn’t mean I have to like it, or to act as an amplifier for the charges and counter-charges. So let’s do this and get it over with, and get back to what matters:

Sylvia Garcia sent out a press release yesterday morning announcing that she would make available her tax returns going back to 1998 (her first year in elected office) and calling on Rep. Carol Alvarado to do the same, and also to disclose her consulting clients. The latter is a reference to this Patti Hart column, which reported that Rep. Alvarado earned $24K doing work for HISD on the bond referendum.

Rep. Alvarado subsequently sent out her own press release that echoed Noriega’s call for an issues-oriented campaign, promised that she “will make appropriate personal disclosures at the appropriate time”, and made an accusation of her own about Garcia not paying her taxes on time.

You can follow all the links and see what there is to see. I’m sure there will be more like this to come, but as I said I don’t plan to write about it if I can help it.

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4 Responses to And it begins in SD06

  1. John says:

    Sounds like Carol took a lead from Romney with her “will make appropriate personal disclosures at the appropriate time.” Can she be more vague? I have no problem with Garcia’s release, if you are going to be an elected official you should have your finances be public. Especially given that Carol likes to feed from the same trough that see oversees as a Rep.

  2. joshua bullard says:

    ive studied thousands of political reports on hundreds of local camps-carol alvarado has the upper hand in this race-lets not forget this is the east end and the candidate that has stayed with the voting public always wins–

    if your wanting to back the winner of the race-its carol alvarado with 57% of the vote.

    joshua ben bullard

  3. Really123 says:

    I agree with John. I don’t see what the big issue is relative to Sylvia asking Carol to release her tax returns. How is this negative?

    Joshua Bullard, you may have ‘studied’ thousands of local camps (whatever that means), but I don’t think your education stuck. All credible sources are reporting that Sylvia is leading. Additionally, this race covers more than just the east end, which Sylvia is very well known in. Does that make sense?

  4. John East says:

    It’s interesting that Carol references Rick Noriega in her response to Sylvia, yet I don’t think Rick endorsed Carol.

    Sylvia’s matter is trivial in comparison to Carol taking money in consulting fees. Carol has been plagued with scandal, and it just continues. I don’t want this type of person representing me.

    Carol is defensive because she’s been caught and called out. The voters have a right to know how Carol makes her money.

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