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Friday random ten: Music from last year

Old fogey that I am, I do still try to add new music to my collection. Here’s a sample of the music I now have that was released in 2012:

1. No Forgotten Man – Solas (Noisetrade download)
2. Born With A Broken Heart – David Wax Museum
3. Summer Daze – Susanna Hoffs
4. Forever – Southside Johnny & The Asbury Park Jukes
5. Kings – October
6. Riga In The Fall – Gavin Guss
7. California Christmas – Brooke White
8. Ukulele Anthem – Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra (Noisetrade download)
9. Wild Desire – King Tuff
10. Why Can’t It Be Christmas Time All Year? – Rosie Thomas (Paste Magazine sampler downloadNoisetrade download)

I’ve included Youtube and download links where I can find them. Some of these songs may have been written and first performed before 2012, but that’s when the albums or downloads I got them from were released. Popdose, Noisetrade, and SPIN have been good sources for me of music that is new and cheap or free. I really like that Solas song and recommend you give it a listen; Noisetrade also has a benefit album for Hurricane Sandy victims that you might want to check out. For an alternate view about what was worth listening to in 2012, see Houston Calling’s list of favorite albums from the year. What’s new in your library?

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  1. Ginger Stampley says:

    We saw Solas live sometime last year on the EP from their new project. It was last.

  2. Ginger Stampley says:

    It was great, don’t know what the autocorrect thought I typed. DAMN YOU AUTOCORRECT.