Lampson update

More news on Rep. Nick Lampson’s recovery from bypass surgery.

Lampson’s doctors said the congressman was doing well, even though the blockage was in the worst possible place, the trunk of the coronary artery. Without the surgery, which was performed Sunday, Lampson would have been at risk of a fatal heart attack soon, they said.

“Barring the unforeseen, we expect him to bounce back,” said Dr. Billy Cohn, one of Lampson’s surgeons. “Every patient recovers different, but he should be fine — his heart’s strong, the grafts are working.”

Lampson could not be reached for comment Monday, but his wife, Susan, said he was doing “beautifully.”

“He’s back to his old self,” she said. “I could tell because he was politicking with all the nurses already.”

Good to hear. Get well soon, Rep. Lampson!

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