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Weekend link dump for April 7

Ah, baseball. I’ve missed you.

Twenty great Billy Joel songs that haven’t been overplayed.

It’s great living in the future, isn’t it?

“Many big network breaches begin not with brainy hacker code but with workers who are tricked by so-called social engineering, which manipulates people into revealing sensitive information. So companies are trying to get workers to act badly before the bad guys do.” Be careful what you click on, y’all.

You too can be a crowdsourced delivery person for Walmart. You know you want to.

Quotas get results. If you don’t like that, find another method that does.

“Drugs are an important part of the [crime] question if you include alcohol as a drug. Take any dimension of the problem you like, except for source country violence. All illegal drugs combined are to alcohol as the Mediterranean is to the Pacific. We have our whole navy in the Mediterranean.”

Look out, Mars! A comet is coming your way!

“Perhaps even more surprisingly, the private school share of total enrollments has decreased over the past 15 years, from about 12 percent to 10 percent. This trend seems unlikely to reverse.”

I see Bitcoin as being mostly for the underground online economy. When retailers start accepting it, that’ll be a big deal. Well, that and fixing problems like this.

“The worsening conditions for television workers with the advent of reality TV mirror the gradually worsening conditions of the American middle class over the past few decades.”

Ezra and Nick‘s problems with Twitter are also my problems with Twitter. I couldn’t keep up with it, I couldn’t easily put things on it aside for later when I had more time, and too much of it was chaff. I do have a Twitter feed for the blog, which you should totally follow if Twitter is your thing, but I don’t use Twitter as a source for my own regular reading. I periodically check my feed when I have nothing else to do, and occasionally at certain times when it really is useful to me – for breaking news, and when everyone is watching the same TV show as I am – but that’s about it. Partly my own fault – as with Facebook, I followed way more people than I should have – but it’s not worth the effort to fix it. So it’s near the bottom of my priority list, and that has worked out just fine.

RIP, Bob Clarke, versatile and prolific MAD Magazine artist.

Apparently, phablets are a thing now.

“In fact, renewables and shale gas are in a ‘symbiotic’ relationship, the report says, each helping the other increase market share. If that’s true, a moratorium on fracking, called for by many greens, might serve to inhibit the spread of renewable energy.”

RIP, Bullet Bob Turley, former Cy Young Award winner for the Yankees.

Allowing for the resale of digital media seems like a no-brainer to me, but the idea has not caught on with the legal system yet.

RIP, Jane Nebel Henson, widow and business partner of the late Jim Henson.

The ten pitchers before Yu Darvish who lost a perfect game with two outs in the ninth inning.

Remembering Michael Kelly, ten years later.

Has anyone ever told Michelle Bachmann that lying is a sin?

RIP, Roger Ebert. If you haven’t read this 2010 Esquire profile of him, you really should. And here’s what he himself had to say about the prospect of dying.

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