Help celebrate 27 for 27

The following is a message from the TexBlog PAC and my much younger colleague, Matt Glazer.

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We don’t say this enough… Thank you.

In late 2007 we sat down and thought about how we could have an impact in the 2008 election cycle. Thanks to your help, we formed the TexBlog PAC to enable us to put our money where our mouse is.

In one election cycle, you made it possible for us to raise over $75,000 and endorse 5 fantastic Texas House candidates from across the state.

With your support, 4 out of 5 candidates we endorsed won their November elections. We wrote massive checks to all of our candidates, and while we didn’t quite win back the Texas House, we were able to put ourselves in position to finish the job in 2010.

I am not writing you to gloat about our PAC’s success or talk about what’s next. Instead, I am asking you a personal favor. Your recent donations helped us make an immediate impact. I’d like to say there is time to wait until later… but I can’t.

February 27th marks my 27th birthday. To celebrate, I am asking you to donate $27 to ensure TexBlog PAC has the resources it needs to make a difference in the 2010 elections.

Times are tough, and a $27 donation is helpful. For those of you who can afford to make an even greater impact, I am asking for you to be one of 27 people who sign up to give $27 for 27 months.

We have no overhead. No staff member gets paid. 98% of every dollar donated goes to electing Democrats.

In 2010, we will have to protect our four incumbents and determine how we can elect another handful of Democrats in order to win a majority in the House and deliver a Democratic Speaker to the Texas House.

We have to start preparing to win elections in 2010 now. We can’t wait until June. We can’t wait until we see which bills are passed and how discreetly Speaker Straus plays his particular brand of partisan politics. If we are going to have a Speaker of the House – and perhaps a Democratic Governor – for the year that we do redistricting, we have to start raising money now.

Help me celebrate my birthday. Be one of the 27 people to give $27 for 27 months, or make a one time donation of $27 today. In either case, you are helping Turn Texas Blue, and we sincerely appreciate your support.

Democratically Yours,
Matt Glazer

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