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Weekend link dump for April 28

Better music through data. Metadata, that is.

It’s hard to find a scripted drama that hasn’t used rape and/or murder as a plotline at least once. I will note that their list is incomplete – by my reckoning, “Royal Pains” and “Veep” are not listed, and there may be others. But you get the point.

“When you bump, it shows your nearest common ancestors. If you bump with someone who’s too closely related, you get an alarm sound and a text warning.”

“It must be tough to co-author a book that reveals that the creator of one of your favorite comic strips was a pretty horrible human being. I guess that point is unavoidable when you write about a serial rapist.”

A carbon tax has much to recommend it.

A kid’s view of Houston, in photos.

“[Maureen] Dowd’s real problem is that she hasn’t kept up with either academic research or simple common sense over the past half century.” Hell, she couldn’t even cite a recent Hollywood production to back up her ridiculous claims.

The GOP will not be moving to the center in 2016. I expect Maureen Dowd to write a column about how that is all President Obama’s fault any day now.

When Uhuru and Spock were supposed to have kissed.

Has no one ever explained to the Family Research Council that lying is a sin? It’s right there in the Bible!

Eats, shoots, and leaves commas out of sentences that need them.

RIP, Chrissy Amphlett and Richie Havens. Monday was a rough day for singers.

A little public shaming of the individuals who don’t know the difference between Chechnya and the Czech Republic would seem to be in order.

Thankfully, that hasn’t stopped the Czech Republic from helping out the people of West, Texas, many of whom are of Czech descent.

RIP, Professor O Z White, the kind of person they don’t make like that any more.

I’ll say it again – Mariano Rivera is a mensch.

RIP, Allan Arbus, a/k/a Dr. Sidney Freedman on “M*A*S*H”.

Ten ways to reduce crime that probably won’t offend the voices in Wayne LaPierre’s head.

Generally speaking, when a powerful interest wants to keep something secret, it’s because they really really don’t want you to know what that secret is.

Add Regal movie theaters to your list of businesses to avoid, at least until their management learns how not to be obnoxious greedheads.

Conjunctive adverb, I wish I had a rhyming couplet for you.

Dull and Boring, together at last.

Shark fin soup should be banned.

The past and future of organizing committees on labor.

Speaking of such things, a little collective action at the LA Times could go a long way.

Happy 80th birthday, Willie Nelson.

The Senate sucks. Sequestration sucks, too. We’re doing exactly what austerity-loving government-hating shills have said we need to do to grow the economy. Still waiting for it to happen.

RIP, George Jones. This really has been a rough week for musicians. Katherine Geier’s heartfelt tribute to the man and his music is the best thing you will read about his life and times, and most importantly his music.

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