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Weekend link dump for June 2

Charles Ramsey will have free burgers for life. Well deserved.

The dark side of Greek yogurt.

If you’ve ever wanted to eat at Krusty Burger, you will soon get your chance.

“If Gingrich or Romney in 2005 could be counted as a liberal today, something has gone wrong in the way we’re labeling the political spectrum.”

Kaitlyn Hunt is not a criminal and should not be treated like one.

Reinhart and Rogoff have their poor widdle feewings hurt by Paul Krugman, the big meanie.

What Canadian bacteria could tell us about life on Mars.

The dispute about privacy and wearable computing mirrors the debate over privacy and handheld cameras of a century ago.

“Why are men who turned traitor against our country for a terrible cause and were responsible for the deaths of so many American soldiers honored by having some of our largest military bases named in their honor?”

“If you oppose Obamacare solely because you think it should be more generous, then you’re not part of the group that’s commonly thought of as the opposition: tea partiers, conservatives, Republicans, and so forth.”

Don’t mess with Hannah Robertson if you know what’s good for you.

We won’t have Michelle Bachmann to kick around any more, at least until she gets a gig with Fox News. She leaves behind an impressive legacy of non-achievement, and no lack of crazy colleagues to pick up where she left off.

If you’re looking for some good mammoth cloning news, you’re in luck.

It’s maybe barely possible that the Republicans in the Senate are backing away just an inch from nomination nullification. Maybe.

It’s good that Facebook is finally starting to face up to its uneven treatment of offensive content.

I for one would watch “Married To A Mime”.

Making a big production out of prom invitations is a bad idea, says the guy who didn’t even know when his prom was.

RIP, Father Andrew Greeley, priest, novelist, sociologist, and all around interesting fellow.

“So what’s the positive public policy agenda for misogynists these days?”

“This is the way the weird, heterodox pop-theology of premillennial dispensationalism has always evolved over the years. It grows and spreads and changes in the same way that any urban legend does in the telling and retelling.”

Sir Patrick Stewart is a mensch. See the video of that exchange here. By the way, that all took place at Comicpalooza, which is right here in Houston.

“Yet I cannot convince my Republican colleagues that one of the best ways to eliminate abortions is to ensure access to contraception.” That would seem to be an occupational hazard.

RIP, Jean Stapleton, best known as Edith Bunker from “All In The Family”.

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One Comment

  1. N.M. Horwitz says:

    Glad to see that the mainstream media is finally reporting on the travesty that is public buildings named after Confederates. This was a pet peeve of mine almost four years ago. I was always surprised and appalled back then about how little most people cared about it.