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Weekend link dump for June 23

Summertime, summertime, sum sum summertime…

We may never get the flying cars we were once promised, but flying bicycles appear to be a possibility.

Vota por un gato! I’ll bet Eric Dick is wondering how it is that he didn’t think of that.

When animals attack news reporters, on live TV.

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas think the current business model for the moviemaking industry is in deep trouble.

“A vast array of heart defibrillators, drug infusion pumps, and other medical devices contain backdoors that make them vulnerable to potentially life-threatening hacks, federal officials have warned.”

Turns out throwing children in prison is a bad idea.

“It was custom-designed to communicate with a similar antenna that would be floating by in the stratosphere, over 60,000 feet above sea level. On a solar-powered balloon. Oh, and the men work for Google.” It’s called Project Loon.

Classical sculptures dressed in hipster clothes. Because, sure, why not.

RIP, Mott Green, whom I knew a million years ago as David Friedman, when we both played the saxophone in the IS61 Morning Band. What an interesting and unorthodox life he led.

“I want to stress this again: In many, many parts of the country right now, if you want to go to see a movie in the theater and see a current movie about a woman — any story about any woman that isn’t a documentary or a cartoon — you can’t. You cannot. There are not any. You cannot take yourself to one, take your friend to one, take your daughter to one. There are not any.”

“For the first time, a constituency group to whom the GOP normally pays close attention—religious institutions—is asking for a legislative fix of the Affordable Care Act to make it work as intended.”

But until it actually does provably cost them electoral support, I don’t see the GOP budging.

“Let that sink in. When your religious beliefs and actions cause you to lose the moral high ground to Howard Stern, then something has gone horribly wrong with your religion.”

The Heartland Institute gets pwned by the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

“The problem isn’t so much that we haven’t set up a legal architecture to preserve our online privacy from the government; it’s that we haven’t set up a legal architecture to preserve our online privacy from anyone at all.”

Nate Silver versus Politico. Not a fair fight, if you ask me.

Remember when we thought that Bobby Jindal was the smart Republican? Good times.

Among other things, immigration reform would be very good for the economy. No surprise if you’ve been paying attention.

RIP, telegrams. It was a pretty good 150 or so years for the service.

Perlstein versus Greenwald and his fans. It’s not the first time that people who are otherwise sympathetic to Glenn Greenwald have had problems constructively engaging with him.

Oh, Serena. I hope you were badly misquoted here. Because you really should know better.

RIP, James Gandolfini, dead of a hart attack at the much too young age of 51.

RIP, Kim Thompson, co-publisher of Fantagraphics, who brought us Love and Rockets and Usagi Yojimbo, among others.

Maybe Ted Cruz is right about the link between immigration and criminal behavior.

By all means, raise the cigarette tax.

What’s at stake with the farm bill.

What’s the matter with Kansas now? Too many low-wage jobs, for one thing.

I’m from New Yew Tree Village. How about you?

What Ed Kilgore says about Paula Deen.

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