Friday random ten: Going deep

My inspiration this week comes from John Scalzi:

Name a favorite “deep cut” from a band you like.
A “deep cut” meaning a track that was never a single or radio/video hit and wouldn’t generally be known to people who are not already huge fans of that particular band.

His commenters left a ton of deep cut suggestions. Here are ten that I have:

1. Mr. Blue Sky – Parthenon Huxley (org. ELO)
2. Your Racist Friend – They Might Be Giants
3. Helpless Automaton – Men At Work
4. Canary In A Coalmine – The Police
5. Summer, Highland Falls – Billy Joel
6. Madman Across The Water – Bruce Hornsby (org. Elton John)
7. The Roof Is Leaking – Phil Collins
8. The Sweetest Thing – U2
9. Nightswimming – You Say Party! We Say Die! (org. REM)
10. Theo & Weird Henry – John Mellencamp

As usual, I have a mix of cover versions in there. These are all really good songs, too, so kudos to Scalzi’s readers for having exemplary taste. I myself might suggest “Candy’s Room” by Bruce Springsteen, “Cruise” by David Gilmour, and “Up The Junction” by Squeeze – actually, the acoustic/countrified version that Chris Difford does on “From New Cross to Nashville” is even better. What deep cuts would you add to this list?

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