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More good political news in the Chron today with Dan Morales’ surprise last-minute filing for the Democratic nomination in the governor’s race. I was set to hold my nose and vote for Tony Sanchez against Rick “Dubya Lite” Perry, but I’m thrilled to have another choice. I liked Morales as AG and hope he can knock out Sanchez without too much blood or rancor.

I can forgive Tony Sanchez his flings with Dubya in the past. Our former governor did do a fairly good job of being bipartisan (unlike his presidency, where “bipartisan” means “save time and see things my way”) while in Austin, so I can’t complain too much about people crossing party lines to support him. I can forgive Tony Sanchez his verbal gaffes and Clayton Williams tendencies. But after Rick Perry shamefully dismissed Constitutional concerns over school prayer, what did Tony Sanchez say and do? Nothing. Sanchez “supports” school prayer. Well, now my prayers have been answered. Don’t let me down, Dan.

UPDATE: Morales didn’t just let me down, he dropped me on the ground and stepped on my face on his way out. Bastard.

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