Who’s Number 1? Who cares?

So tonight they finally play the Rose Bowl for the mythical national championship of college football. Nebraska wants to prove that their 62-point pasting by Colorado was a fluke, while Miami knows that if they win they are the Undisputed Champeens. Meanwhile, Oregon looks on and roots for Nebraska so they can perhaps claim a share of the title in a split vote (the coaches are bound to vote the winner of the BCS title game #1, but the writers can pick who they want), while schools like Texas, Tennessee, and Florida can only mutter under their breath about missed chances.

Lots of people have bloviated about a playoff system to replace the unwieldy and seemingly arbitrary BCS. There are many reasons why a playoff system is unlikely to come any time soon. For my money, as a fan of a small school in a lower tier conference, I see no benefit in a playoff, just another way for the big fat cats to squeeze out the little guy. There’s a reason I don’t watch most of the big bowls; I just wish I were a Nielsen family so I could hit them where it hurts.

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