Like son, like father

Like son, like father I’m somewhat amazed to say that I just walked my father through setting up a blog. Mom and Dad have been on email (with just a bit of help from their slightly more technical son) for two years now, since they left the ancestral home in New York and moved out west to Oregon. It’s been an adventure in a number of ways. Dad has found a groove sending out anecdotes and reminiscenses via email. I’m grateful that there’s such a thing now as blogging to give his words a bit more permanence. There’s just a test post there now as I write this, but do check back to The Dudstoevsky and see for yourself where I get it from.

UPDATE: Sadly, this blog didn’t last very long. Dad was never very comfortable with the interface, and one day ran into a weird bug where he could sign into Blogger but never saw a link to edit his blog. Blogger support was even less useful than it is now, and we never got any help on this, so it went the way of all flesh. Too bad.

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