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This op-ed piece by Bart Busker in today’s Chron says exactly what I think about the Katy Freeway expansion. Busker highlights an issue that I didn’t, which is that the I-10 expansion is several times as expensive as the current light rail project. The light rail project had to fend off lawsuits, ballot challenges, City Council shenanigans, and Tom De Lay, while all of the so-called champions of fiscal responsibility make no mention of the billion dollars that will be spent here. Nice to have friends in high places, isn’t it?

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One Response to What he said

  1. Don says:

    Knowledge is indeed good Charles.

    Considering that I-10 has been maxed out for the 20’ish last years it was absolutely in dire need of being rebuilt.

    Yes, the Metro madness issue did have to be involved in lawsuits considering the methods ussd to force it on our community in the first place by ‘LightRail’ Brown who now has his name on the Metro headquarters building, along with Shirley “I lied” DeLibero.

    The 20 mile rebuild of I-10 hauls more people and goods (don’t forget the trucks) than 20 miles of trolley cars in the middle of streets will.

    I guess some forget also that I-10 is an Interstate and used by far more than simply the locals?

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