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Broadband and blogging

Ginger says that blogs rely heavily on broadband. She cites some blogs with sizaeable front pages (including mine, though I’m tied for third smallest at 52K) as evidence that bloggers assume we all have fast connections.

Well, for what it’s worth, we’re still using a 33.6 modem at home for dialup. Between the prospect of moving, an old computer that is scheduled for an upgrade Real Soon Now, and the need for a plain old dial line for connecting to Tiffany’s work, we haven’t hopped on the DSL bandwagon just yet. I do quite a bit of blog reading and research at home on this slow line, and with the exception of QuasiPundit I generally don’t notice how long it takes for the pages to load. If QP got rid of their scrolling Java stuff, I probably wouldn’t notice their time to load, either. Just a data point for you.

Reading Ginger’s previous post about blogging’s costs and who bears them, I have to admit that I’ve enjoyed freeloading so far. Given that I’ve been adding entries every day, and that people do actually read them, I really should do something to pay my fair share. I hereby resolve to look into getting BloggerPro.

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