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One stupid white man, anyway

According to his regular newsletter, Michael Moore is calling for President Bush to resign during the 7th inning stretch on Opening Day at Enron Field, which will be on April 2. I quote from the letter, to which Amy was kind enough to point me:

Finally, I want you to know that I will be looking forward to only one thing during this entire book tour — Opening Day of the 2002 Major League Baseball season! Why? Because that is the day I am asking George W. Bush to resign. And I want the resignation to take place right in the middle of Enron Field in Houston during the 7th-inning stretch of the Astros-Brewers game. I’ve asked if I can throw out the first pitch at 4:05pm CT.

I mean, can there be a more perfect way to end the madness — Bush, Lay, Mike, Texas, America’s Favorite Pastime, and the visiting team from a Blue State owned by the Commissioner of Baseball (who will hand over his job to the ex-“president” as the fans sing “Da Do En-ron-ron Da Do En-ron”)?

C’mon, George, are ya listening? Just step up to the microphone and go out like Gehrig! Opening Day, April 2, 2002. Yoooou’re Ouuuuuuuut!!!

Putting aside the fact that Moore and his minions did their best to help Bush win in the first place, I have to ask what normally would be a stupid question: Doesn’t Moore realize that this would make Dick Cheney President? How, exactly, will this end the “madness” that he refers to? I’d guess that Moore is fondly recalling the good old pre-Twelfth Amendment days, when Al Gore would’ve been Vice President, except that (oops!) Moore doesn’t like Gore, either.

Ah, who cares about such details when you’ve got a book to pimp. Way to market, Mike! You’re a good little capitalist, aren’t you? By the way, the link to his latest and greatest provided here is straight from Amazon rather than the one that refers to his site, from which Moore presumably gets a kickback. Just my little subversion for the day.

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