Kim Ogg to run for DA

That didn’t take long.

Kim Ogg

Kim Ogg, a former prosecutor, anti-gang investigator and crime prevention leader, told supporters Saturday that she will run for Harris County district attorney.

In an email, Ogg said she would announce Monday that she would run in the Democratic primary in the spring. Voters will choose a district attorney in November 2014.

Ogg is a former felony prosecutor in the district attorney’s office. She also has led Crime Stoppers of Houston and the city’s anti-gang task force.

She is the first candidate to formally announce a run for the office since the recent death from cancer of District Attorney Mike Anderson, a Republican.


“My focus will be to fight crime with 21st century tactics, and this will be accomplished through re-prioritization of resources, including forfeiture funds,” Ogg stated in her email. “On my first day in office, I will end the practice of accepting ‘trace drug cases’ where there is no evidence to convict and instead will shift the focus to dismantling organized crime from the top down.”

Ogg will formally announce her candidacy today. I’m familiar with Ogg’s previous work with the city, but I’ve not met her and didn’t receive the email, so this is all I know right now. I’m glad to hear that she would go back to the Lykos policy on trace cases, and her timing on that is propitious given the recent news about the jail filling up again. Assuming the Democrats can avoid another Lloyd Oliver situation, this has the makings of a very interesting race. If nothing else, as things stand we could have a race between two women for District Attorney. How often has that happened in Texas? In any event, I look forward to meeting Kim Ogg in the future and hearing more about her campaign.

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6 Responses to Kim Ogg to run for DA

  1. Jeff N. says:

    I was on a jury (in 1990) for a trial in Judge Bacon’s court where she handled the prosecution. She was an excellent lawyer in the courtroom. A mutual friend in the DA’s office at that time said she was a great colleague, smart, team player, with a good sense of humor. She will have my vote.

  2. Mainstream says:

    I recall her as a GOP candidate for judge some years ago, although her father was a longtime Democrat state senator from the north end of the county.

  3. joshua ben bullard says:

    kim ogg will most certainly face a dem=primary opponent-Lloyd oliver,and theres no way she can beat him at the polls just on name id,so sorry folks but the show is over before it begins,

    the chronicle better get the old presses a cranking because my group tells me

    Lloyd oliver runs again and wins the d- nomination again.

    joshua ben bullard

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