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I Am Not A Crook

Jeff Skilling denies all in his testimony to the Senate. What a scuzzball.

This is my favorite bit:

In Tuesday’s hearing, Skilling clashed with senators over his stock sales, repeatedly blamed auditor Arthur Andersen for signing off on questionable accounting transactions, and told disbelieving lawmakers he could not recall receiving $5.6 million in bonuses from Enron.

Compare this to the redoubtable Stephanie Dupont:

Now for my one political thought that the whole world can click on. I once won $1000 in a Super Bowl pool. God bless the Cowboys! I remember that like it was yesterday. How come Jeff Skilling can’t remember getting 6 million dollars?

You said it. Hell, when I was 10 I won a football helmet in a neighborhood raffle. That was over 25 years ago, and I still remember it. Skilling lies like a cheap rug.

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