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O Stephanie, where art thou?

I’ll add my name to the growing chorus of folks who’ve greatly enjoyed Stephanie Dupont’s extended guest-hosting of Brian Linse’s blog. I haven’t seen anyone else say this, so I’ll say it: Brian, when you get back to LA, do whatever you can to convince Stephanie to start her own blog. I guarantee it’ll get permalinked all over the place (except maybe by the Samizdata folks).

Dark clouds may be looming, however. Via the Insolvent Republic of Blogistan, we find that the Illuminated Donkey is questioning Stephanie’s existence. C’mon folks – just because someone can’t be tracked down via Google doesn’t mean he or she is a ghost. I admit, at first I thought Brian might be pulling a joke on us, but no more. I believe in Stephanie, and so should you.

UPDATE: Kathy Kinsley has also suggested that Stephanie get her own blog when Brian returns.

UPDATE: Gary Farber and Bill Quick are also insisting Stephanie is a hoax, most likely Brian in drag. They cite Brian’s friendship with Kinky Friedman and the fact that “Stephanie Dupont” is a character in some of the Kinkster’s novels. Well, from one good American to another (*), I say why can’t this merely be a nom du blog? If it turns out Brian has hoaxed me, I’ll admit it and congratulate him. In the meantime, I say viva Stephanie.

* – See here and scroll down a bit.

UPDATE: I met Brian (and Ann Salisbury and Kevin Drum) when I was in Anaheim in October. I asked him about Stephanie, and told me flat out that she’s a real person. So there.

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