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First day EV totals

It was pretty brisk, with higher turnout than any of the previous three elections. Here are the relevant daily totals:


And here are the numbers for each for day one:

Year In person By Mail Total ================================= 2013 5,025 8,560 13,585 2011 2,557 2,079 4,636 2009 4,089 2,073 6,162 2007 1,681 957 2,638

I suspect some of this is behavior-shifting, but still, that’s quite an upturn. The Astrodome referendum is probably helping some, but we won’t know till the end how much it drove non-Houston votes versus Houston votes. Another big difference this year is in the total number of mail ballots sent as of Day One:

2013 – 28,620
2011 – 12,041
2009 – 17,413
2007 – 11,646

We’ll see if the in-person pace keeps up. I probably won’t post daily updates on this, but will check in with it periodically, when there’s something interesting to say. I’ll hold off on making any turnout projections till the end of week one. If you voted today, how did it go? I voted at the end of the day at the West Gray Multi-Service Center. There was no line, but there were other people voting while I was there. Let us know what it was like at your location. And speaking of such things, here’s simple image view of the early voting schedule and locations, put together by my friend Robert Nagle for for people who don’t like PDFs.

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  1. joshua ben bullard says:

    wow=anisse parker is in major trouble,heres why=the rice anaylst along with the chanel 11 folks know factually,that theres no extra voters when it comes to parker,if there was one thing that was always true about parker running for office,she never had a blowout victory=never,she always barely breached by,the parker camp cant be bottle popping at this point,believe me there all back at the drawing board,because all these voters haven’t just suddenly appeared to give parker a little boost=they’ve come to vote against her and they brought friends,it reminds me of that old 1980’s movie, children of the corn=”he wants you to malaky”,my point is,parkers base voters have never been fond of a negative camp=never,i assume that even with her own base they are hurt that she didn’t keep it positive,if Houston is the hottest city in the nation, then why is parkers camp spending all their time talking about ben hall and neglecting Houstons positive,the deal is=a whole lot of people are voting,and their not voting for parker…=====avoid a run off?????????? =only in new York kid…

    Joshua ben bullard

  2. David Rosen says:

    I cast my ballot yesterday morning at the Lone Star College off Victory Drive, since it’s the closest to where I work. I voted at around 11am yesterday — the pollworkers told me that about 10 people had voted at that time and two had been turned away for not having a photo ID.

  3. Jen says:

    Expect pretty brisk totals from Pasadena. Of those 1st day totals I’ve been told 1,000 were from Pasadena, where we’re having a battle over the Mayor’s controversial charter amendments. He was really hoping for low turn out, but there have been more mail ballots requested for this election than for the city election in May.