Dave Wilson is up to his usual tricks

Yolanda Navarro Flores

As you know, Dave Wilson is running against incumbent HCC Trustee Bruce Austin in HCC District 2. I wasn’t sure at first if it was that Dave Wilson or not, but it unquestionably is. The fact that he’s running in HCC 2 isn’t stopping him from meddling in his usual slimy way in the HCC 1 race, where Zeph Capo and Kevin Hoffman are challenging scandal-prone incumbent Yolanda Navarro Flores. Here are front and back scans of a mailer Wilson has sent to voters in HCC 1:

Wilson mailer 1

Wilson mailer 2

Like fleas on a rat, Dave Wilson continues to cling to the body politic. Yolanda Navarro Flores then followed the path Wilson blazed:

Flores mailer 1

Flores mailer 2

She has also sent out a mailer touting the endorsement of some current and former elected officials:

Flored endorsement mailer

I wonder if these folks have any idea what else is being said on behalf of Yolanda Navarro Flores. Since she herself has (as far as I know) not asked Dave Wilson to stop saying hateful things about her opponents, perhaps her supporters might. So let me ask the following people:

HCC Trustees Carroll Robinson and Eva Loredo, whom I might add is my Trustee
Constables May Walker and Ruben Davis
CM Andrew Burks
Harris County District Clerk Chris Daniel
Harris County Treasurer Orlando Sanchez

Do you have anything to say about what Dave Wilson is doing in support of Yolanda Navarro Flores? Leave a comment, send me an email, post it on Facebook, just let me know one way or another and I’ll be happy to echo your sentiments. To be clear, I’m not calling on anyone to rescind their endorsement of Navarro Flores. I have no problem with anyone supporting her for whatever the reason. I am saying that I hope these folks would want to distance themselves from the Dave Wilson campaign playbook from which Navarro Flores is drawing. I don’t think it’s too much to ask to say that this kind of campaign rhetoric, like what HISD Trustee Manuel Rodriguez employed two years ago against Ramiro Fonseca, has no place in decent society. I especially don’t think it’s too much for Navarro Flores’ Democratic supporters, most especially those that will be on my ballot at some point in the future, to denounce such tactics. (Democratic voters in HCC 2 that have not cast their ballots yet might also note Navarro Flores’ support from the Texas Conservative Review. I’m just saying.) I look forward to hearing from you.

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7 Responses to Dave Wilson is up to his usual tricks

  1. joshua ben bullard says:

    I like kevin Hoffman in this race,if your voting in it, I would suggest Hoffman as your best vote. Joshua ben bullard ps =dave Wilson needs help and I cant help him.

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  4. Diane Harmon says:

    This is just another example of how this snake in the grass, Dave Wilson, operates. The only way he can succeed with anything is by deception or to be unethical.
    As former employees of his, my husband and I know first hand how conniving, crooked, selfish, deceitful and phony he really is and those traits caused us to resign from his company.
    Let’s just say this, he needs to be watched very, very closely! Again he is nothing but a snake in the grass!
    SO BEWARE!!!!

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  7. Ria Lopez says:

    Being ethical from the online dictionary : is being in accordance with the accepted principles of right and wrong that govern the conduct of a profession.
    Yolanda Navarro Flores is an ethical person in every since of the word . She has always strived to help the community and the students at HCC and has always fought those who misuse their position for their own gain.
    To many try to discredit a person without doing research for themselves .
    God bless you

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