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Most cities have soul…

Maxim magazine, which for some strange reason doesn’t have its April issue online yet even though the print version is out, named Dallas the “greatest city on Earth”. All I can say is that they’ve obviously never listened to the Austin Lounge Lizards’ song about Dallas.

OK, OK, Dallas isn’t so bad. Maxim needs to hire some fact checkers, though. They claim Dallas is the “least densely populated metropolitan area in the world”. Maybe that’s true if you include all its far-flung hinterlands, but according to the US Census, it’s not even the least densely populated metro area in Texas. In 2000, Dallas County had a population density of 2521 per square mile, more than double that of San Antonio’s Bexar County at 1117 and also more than Houston’s Harris County at 1966. So take Maxim’s advice about Dallas with the same grain of salt you’d take their advice on how to convince your wife she’d enjoy accompanying you to a strip club.

UPDATE: Larry and Alice tell me that Maxim printed 13 versions of this issue, with 13 different “best” cities. Geez, guys, did you really think that Houstonians wanted to read about how great Dallas is? Get a clue.

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  1. Patrick says:

    Metropolitan areas do not consist of just ONE county. What you have listed is the densities of COUNTIES, not metropolitan areas.