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Texas Twisted

Yet another interesting link in the inbox today, to Texas Twisted, a site devoted to Texas roadside attractions and other weird stuff. My friend Margo, who sent the link, was pointing to a miniaturization of the Chinese Forbidden Gardens located just west of Houston in Katy, TX, and which, along with the Cadillac Ranch, owes its origin to an eccentric millionaire, something else we have a lot of in Texas.

Our tour guide also takes us to meet Big Tex, the unofficial greeter at the annual State Fair and the one attraction I’d heard of many years before I came to Texas. Big Tex is so famous the Austin Lounge Lizards wrote a song about his girlfriend.

As they say, Texas is like a whole ‘nother country.

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  1. charles reid says:

    We had occasion to visit your gardens this date. We had heard about your exibit for years, and today we finally visited it. It was not the day that we thought it would be. Aside from the percing cold, it was sprinkling. We met your Tom Lang, and it was through his chatter that a very miserable event turned into one of interest and enjoyment. Bless Tom Lang!

    Thanks, we’ll be back.