Runoff endorsement watch: For Kubosh

The Chron makes the last of its runoff endorsements by choosing Michael Kubosh in At Large #3.

Michael Kubosh

Michael Kubosh

Looking at the candidates for the runoff, it feels a bit like the whole City Council At-large 3 race was a competition of name recognition. For the Saturday, Dec. 14, election, former mayoral candidate Roy Morales will be facing off against Michael Kubosh, who led the 2010 city-wide referendum campaign against red light cameras. Voters should back Kubosh. We don’t always agree with the bail bondsman’s agenda, but he has an undeniable passion for city issues and a striking compassion for the poor.

Kubosh’s history of referenda-driven politics and hyperbolic comments hinted that he was not yet ready for prime time – or Wednesday mornings around the City Hall horseshoe. But over the campaign, he has smoothed over rough patches, reached out to opponents and strived to educate himself on the issues.

“I’m not going to be someone who is going to showboat,” Kubosh told the Houston Chronicle editorial board, saying that he intended to find common ground with Mayor Annise Parker to get things done. “I’m not just a ‘no’ vote.”

It was a shift in attitude from the beginning of his campaign, one that we hope sticks. Kubosh has some admirable goals, such as improving the municipal courts, working to fix problems with water bills and all-around sticking up for the little guy. In our strong-mayor city government, council members have the option to lead, follow or get out of the way, and we hope he’ll choose wisely.

I’m one of the people Kubosh has reached out to. I’m not fully convinced, but I appreciate that he made the effort, and I appreciate the shift in rhetoric. As with any candidate there’s a trust factor, and a concern about how much tacit approval one would be giving to the issues on which we disagree. This is the only race on my ballot, and I hate the idea of not voting at all, so one way or another I need to make a choice. I’m still thinking about it.

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7 Responses to Runoff endorsement watch: For Kubosh

  1. Burt Levibe says:


    At large 2 is not on your ballot?


  2. Bill Daniels says:

    Kubosh earned his bones helping rid Houston of the scourge of Bill White’s unblinking eye, revenue cameras. He deserves to win this election, based on that act alone. Any other reasons are just gravy.

    Full disclosure: I have never received a ticket for running a red light, camera or live officer.

  3. Burt – Of course, you’re right. I goofed.

  4. Ross says:

    Since Kubosh gave up his homestead exemption on his property in Cypress, I may vote for him, even though he, and his brother, were dead wrong in their opposition to red light cameras. As I tell my conservative friends, sometimes you have to vote for the 60% solution.

  5. Paul Kubosh says:

    Kuff – Mike’s rhetoric as oppossed to Roy’s? Did you see Roy’s early vote mail out piece he mailed to Republicans? I am sure you didn’t because if you had then I believe you would have blasted him on that hateful piece of mail.

  6. Paul – No, I have not seen it. If you want to send me a scanned copy, I’m sure I’ll be happy to offer an opinion on it.

  7. joshua ben bullard says:

    paul=send it quick/.

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