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Weekend link dump for March 30

Time for Chief Wahoo to go away.

The anti-social network has finally arrived.

“Scientists have discovered a bizarre, bird-like dinosaur, named Anzu wyliei, that provides paleontologists with their first good look at a dinosaur group that has been shrouded in mystery for almost a century.”

Micro-entrepreneurship ain’t what it’s cracked up to be. Someone please gently inform Thomas Friedman.

“In any case, you remember the D-K phenomenon, don’t you? It’s the phenomenon whereby people who are unknowledgeable or incompetent about a topic have a falsely elevated estimate of their own knowledge base. In the antivaccine movement, the D-K phenomenon tends to take the form of parents who think that their University of Google knowledge trumps the knowledge of physicians and scientists who have dedicated large swaths of their lives to the rigorous study of conditions such as autism and the question of how vaccines work.”

RIP, conservative book publishing industry. I’ll not be attending the memorial service.

“Make no mistake: Denying women contraceptive coverage that they are legally entitled to, forcing them to pay much more out of pocket than they otherwise would have, amounts to a pay cut.”

Fast food and decent wages are not mutually exclusive.

We may have had a cold winter, but climate change is still occurring. Sorry about that.

Some writing advice from Stephen King.

To know the Koch Brothers is to hate them. Given their lying, money-grubbing ways, I don’t see what that is a surprise.

“Who cares if this scheme was effective? Maybe it was the Keystone Kops version of collusion. What matters is merely that they tried. These companies felt perfectly justified in conspiring to hold down wages in a tight labor market. Like so many titans of capitalism, they think free markets are great just as long as workers who are in high demand don’t get any fancy ideas about what that means.”

“But there’s no question that, overall, many fewer people will be underinsured because of the Affordable Care Act.”

Are my pants lowering your test scores?” (Spoiler alert: No.)

All about baseball in Australia. Now I have another reason to want to go there someday.

“On being faced with a noisy classroom, a maths teacher in a school in Belgium, threatened to reveal the deaths that take place in the third season of Game of Thrones.” And that’s why you should always read the books first, kids.

From the Questions That Answer Themselves department: “How do you tell a child when she wants to wear pants a shirt, and go out and play in the mud and so forth, how do you tell her, no you can’t, you’ve got to wear a pink bow in your hair, and you’ve got to let your hair grow out long, how do you do that?”

How do you say Lysistrata in Ukrainian?

“Data” the buzzword vs. data the actual thing.

How much would you pay for the new Wu-Tang Clan album?

Joe Biden has a dwarf planet named after him, and you don’t.

As a onetime devotee of Television Without Pity, this news makes me sad.

“I have to thank Obamacare for saving my life.”

As with many other industries, baseball players’ salaries are not keeping up with revenue growth.

It’s a conspiracy!

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