Friday random ten – Baby, You Can Drive My Car Part 3

Part 1 was specific cars, part 2 was cars in general, and this is other things you can drive.

1. Another One Rides The Bus – Weird Al Yankovic
2. Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street? – Bruce Springsteen
3. Magic Bus – The Who
4. Slow Bus Movin’ – Fishbone
5. The Number Of That Truck – Trout Fishing In America
6. Truckin’ – Dwight Yoakum
7. Moody Motorcycle – Human Highway
8. Motorbike – Goldenboy
9. Motorcycle Driver – Joe Satriani
10. Vehicle – Ides of March

Oddly enough, no songs in my collection with “bike” or “bicycle” in the title. I had Queen’s “Bicycle Race” on vinyl, but I guess it didn’t make the transition to digital; the USB turntable was sometimes a bit fickle. What would you add to this list?

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2 Responses to Friday random ten – Baby, You Can Drive My Car Part 3

  1. Joe White says:

    Truck Drivin’ Song – Weird Al Yankovic
    Semi-Crazy – Junior Brown

    And while we’re on the subject of vehicles, still have a brand-new scooter for sale, accidentally purchased by me at the Travis Auction.

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