Weekend link dump for May 25

“All of which is to say: There are many different ways to measure the same data. When I was putting together this list, I had Pedro Martinez and Warren Spahn coupled in my mind. One is the ultimate example of a brilliant shooting star career. One is the ultimate example of the sun rising every day. Which career would you rather have?”

Random things I happened to run across on the Internet: The General Slocum disaster was the New York area’s worst disaster in terms of loss of life until the September 11, 2001 attacks, and remains the worst maritime disaster in the city’s history. And until recently, I had never heard of it.

Meet the next Bud Selig.

Dr. Evil should have demanded one undecillion dollars. The sheer size of the number should be pleasing to him.

This kid should go into business as a “how to be smooth” guru. Well, as long as his mom doesn’t ruin it for him.

RIP, Jeb Magruder, Watergate figure and Doonesbury star.

“And then there is … the Balboni record, which at this point has to be considered one of the eight wonders of the baseball world.”

“I know it seems like you’re the cool guy who managed to score a date with a model or an actress, but no one is actually thinking that. They are thinking that you couldn’t get an actual date from one of your peers, and had to resort to a goofy social media prank to guilt someone into going with you. That’s why these women have shown up. You realize that, right? It’s not because they want to go on a date with an underage civilian, it’s because they’re worried they’ll look bad in the public eye if they say no.”

Get a piece of the Pontiac Silverdome while you still can. And try not to think too much about the Harris County Domed Stadium when you do.

A sweet, sentimental story to warm the cockles of your cold, cynical heart.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s big opportunity in 2016 is to help recruit and get elected a bunch of Senators like her.

“Republican officials confidently predict Obamacare’s unpopularity will flip control of the Senate in a massive repudiation of the President’s signature domestic accomplishment. Yet multiple GOP candidates in top-tier races are unwilling or unable to take a real position on one of the central pillars of the law, one that will impact tens or hundreds of thousands in the states they’d represent.”

Nice doggie. Please don’t eat me.

“It has everything: privacy, headrests, storage spaces. And it’s only drawbacks are possible major safety concerns and making its user look like a big, antisocial baby in a big-baby sling.”

Your guide to food-based baby names in America. Who knew so many people thought “Kale” would be a good name for a little boy?

“Nearly eight in 10 young adults favor gay marriage”. You almost have to feel sorry for all those not-young adults that are now feeling so very threatened by that. Almost.

“The issue here is not and has never been women consenting to sex and then trying to do a take-back because they had a couple. The issue, and is usually explicitly stated as, rapists targeting women who are incapacitated from alcohol or drug use.”

“Something, it appears, happened around 2003 that caused the rate of traumatic brain injuries in the U.S. military to spike. Now what could that have been?”

“Put another way, in Justice Scalia’s world, people get gay-married. In Justice Kennedy’s, gay (and straight) people get married. See the difference?”

In which Tara the hero cat throws out the first pitch at a minor league baseball game and reveals she is a southpaw.

Why you should ditch Adobe Shockwave.

“Meanwhile, if McDonald’s was hoping to keep our concerns out of the public eye by suppressing our participation in the meeting Q&A, their strategy seems to have failed.”

“Yeah, that’s it. It was about the doctrine of sanctification and pastoral practice and such. Nothing to do with defending the defenders of child abusers. Nothing to do with that at all.”

The Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act was a big success. Now let’s build on that success.

Mean tweeters respond to celebrities reading their mean tweets about them. Self awareness (mostly) not included.

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