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Weekend link dump for July 27

We have nothing to fear but people who fear inflation itself.

Take a tennis ball and a soccer ball and blow the mind of some little kids.

Three words: Aerosol cake batter. And you “bake” it in the microwave. Or save time and just spray it directly into your mouth, because of course you would.

Hooray for Earlene Moore, helping Texas women buy better-fitting bras since 1939.

Medicare’s financial health has greatly improved lately.

“But in the hands of an inflation truther, this mathematical banality achieves a kind of totemic significance. It’s the grassy knoll inside Area 51 where Janet Yellen is playing a record backwards that says hyperinflation is coming.”

Who’s playing what game on immigration?

The NFL is now not the only defendant in concussion litigation.

What Kevin Drum says.

Hospitals are hurting in the states that refused to expand Medicaid.

One place where Sweden trails the US: in the amount of nudity on its reality TV programming.

“It’s not that you want a law degree without having to suffer the consequences of your actions, it’s that God wants it. Nothing reflects the model of Jesus Christ more than getting what you want without suffering at all.”

Want to buy the piano played by Dooley Wilson in Casablanca? Well, now you can.

“Perhaps more than any other sport, hockey is impacted by environmental issues, particularly climate change and freshwater scarcity. The ability to skate and play hockey outdoors is a critical component of the League’s history and culture. Many of the NHL’s players, both past and present, learned to skate outside on frozen lakes, ponds and backyard rinks. The game of hockey is adversely affected if this opportunity becomes unavailable to future generations.”

Citing Third Way as evidence of a division on the left is actually pretty good evidence that there is no such division.

What Tony Dungy doesn’t get is that the reason “things will happen” with Michael Sam is because of guys like Tony Dungy.

Better read the fine print on that AirBnB agreement before you lease out your place.

You’re probably overpaying your CEO.

Don’t ask me why Americans stink at math. I’m one of those annoying people that has no trouble with it.

Never surrender, Brooklyn!

“Tennessee is being sued for depriving eligible residents of Medicaid coverage.”

“Tara Reid presents her findings on the scientific possibility of sharknados“. Go ahead, I dare you to not click on that.

It was a pretty good week for Weird Al Yankovic.

I really can’t think of any good reason why Russia should be hosting the 2018 World Cup.

Twenty-four years later, compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act still lags.

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