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Getting their story straight

Charles Dodgson does some pundit watching, and it’s not pretty:

In the conservative Weekly Standard, two scholars from the American Enterprise Institute argue that the prospect of further regulation, such as the bill that recently passed through Congress on stiffening up accounting standards, ruining confidence in the economy, and driving down the markets.

On Meet the Press this morning, Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill praised the bill as a useful measure to restore confidence in the economy, and should help the markets come back (as have several Republicans in Congress).

[daffyduck cartoon=”duckamuck”] Is it too much to ask you to make up your minds??? [/daffyduck]

I haven’t been reading Slate all that much lately. Has Tim Noah started the O’Neill Death Watch again? Just curious.

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  1. craig says:

    Finally, the killer app for text-to-speech synthesis. You’re dethpicable.