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Interview with Judith Snively

Judith Snively

Judith Snively

As I said on Monday, once you get past the District Attorney race, there’s not a lot of high-profile electoral action in Harris County this year, but as we know not being high profile doesn’t make your race any less important. Before I get to today’s interview, I want to note again that I published an interview with Harris County Clerk candidate Ann Harris Bennett for the primary, and I encourage you to listen to it if you haven’t already done so. An office with some of the same types of functions as County Clerk is the Harris County District Clerk, who is responsible for maintaining and providing the records of all activity in the many District Courts in the county. The Democratic candidate for Harris County District Clerk is Judith Snively. A veteran attorney with her own solo general practice law office, Snively was a candidate for County Criminal Court #3 in 2010, where she did us all the favor of defeating Lloyd Oliver in the primary, thus keeping him off the ballot for another year. Snively has done all kinds of law in her career and has spent a lot of time in the county and district courts, and we talked about how she would use her broad experience in the office of Harris County District Clerk:

I will have more interviews in the coming weeks.

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