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There are no homosexuals in Montgomery County

Some small-town yahoos have their panties in a bunch because they discovered a book in the libraries called It’s Perfectly Normal that doesn’t condemn homosexuality as a crime against nature. They’re trying to get the book removed from the shelves lest it seduce innocent youngsters into a lifestyle of interior design, techno music, and fashionable haircuts.

“It’s not sex education,” said Frances Brown of Cut and Shoot. “It’s pornography. It’s horrible.”

Monte Lane, a GOP state delegate also from Cut and Shoot, said the person responsible for the purchase of the library system’s four volumes of It’s Perfectly Normal should be fired.

Retired elementary school teacher Wynne Harris, also from Cut and Shoot, called the work “vulgar.”

Those gripes resonated with [County Judge Alan] Sadler, who vowed to “do everything in our power to ensure that book is taken out of the library immediately.” Commissioners concurred although no vote was taken.


Sadler said he was irked to learn that the book, as he put it, “tries to minimize or even negate that homosexuality is a problem.”

Don’t you go settin’ up any big tents around here.

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One Comment

  1. I think that the real issue is the library director hiding behind a defense of ignorance. How could she NOT know that the book would stir up this kind of reaction based on the watchlists and warning lists?

    Her defense is her condemnation. Axe her. (But keep the book)