What to do with all that spare cash

Got a few extra bucks in your pocket that you just can’t get rid of? Want to help a damsel in distress? Well, look no further. You can help pay off someone’s credit card or help finance someone’s divorce.

I’m reminded of the old scam in which someone places an ad that reads “Today is the last day to send in your dollar!” and lists a PO box. Or perhaps the homeless guy on the streetcorner with a sign that says “Why lie? I need the money to buy beer.” I suppose these two sites could be for real. They may even be worthy of your charity. I still think they’re tacky.

This is as good a time as any to say that I will never have a tipjar on this site. I will never pay to read someone else’s blog, and I will never ask you to pay to read mine. The day may come when I will seek to be paid to write, but I’ll do that the old-fashioned way.

(Links spotted on TPRS.)

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