Trevino takes a plea


Victor Trevino

Harris County Precinct 6 constable Victor Trevino pleaded guilty Monday to misapplication of fiduciary property, a day after beginning trial on allegations that he diverted money from his charity for personal use.

He faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison for the felony, and has asked the judge to decide punishment after a sentencing hearing on Nov. 17.

The Precinct 6 constable was indicted almost two years ago on several charges accusing him of financial misconduct. He was first elected to office 26 years ago. He will resign from office on Tuesday. He also will have to surrender his state license that allows him to carry a weapon.


Prosecutors earlier this year offered Trevino a plea deal that would have allowed the 62-year-old constable to plead guilty to a class C misdemeanor, the lowest form of criminal infraction, and retire, his attorney, Chip Lewis said last week. In exchange, prosecutors would have dropped four felony indictments on charges that include misapplication of fiduciary property and tampering with a public document.

See here for the background. Clearly, Trevino should have taken the original plea deal. I can’t say I feel sorry for him, however. As was the case with disgraced former Constable Jack Abercia, who resigned before he copped a plea, Commissioners Court will name a replacement. With this post being up for election in 2016, which really means March since this will be settled in the Democratic primary, I’d suggest they take the same path as last time and appoint someone who doesn’t want to run for the post. We’ll see what they do. In the meantime, good riddance.

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9 Responses to Trevino takes a plea

  1. Manuel Barrera says:

    I have known Victor Trevino and his family for nearly 40 years, he is a good person who has done so much good for his community. He was the only Latino elected official that cared for his community.

  2. Ross says:

    Manuel, does that mean you think he should not have been charged? Is it OK to be a criminal as long as you are good to the citizens?

  3. Steven Houston says:

    I had my doubts about this case and that is a good thing, a person should not be assumed guilty until facts prove it, but the story now is why he didn’t think the state had a case against him. Clearly the DA’s office thought their case was marginal when they offered him a really good deal and clearly he thought so too when he took it all the way to trial. I strongly suspect the book keeper given immunity was engaged in more direct, more frequent, and more egregious criminal activity but as the founder and head of the charity, Trevino should be held accountable for anything wrong too.

    If I thought local media would care enough to get the real story, complete with details, I’d patiently wait but I’m not holding my breath. And for those who say it was because Trevino was arrogant, malicious, or otherwise wrong headed, I’ve never been under that impression of him having met several times over the years.

  4. Manuel Barrera says:

    Ross what is a criminal? How many skeletons are hidden in your closet. I have no idea if you are a Democrat or Republican but believe you to be a Democrat.

    Celebrate tonight as the Democrats get beat and ask yourself why is that Ben Reyes was able to mobilize the Latinos but the so called elected leaders you have today can’t? Because they cater to the homosexuals and the abortion people.

    Think you are cute by asking a question that is rhetorical? You are not, I stated that Victor Trevino is a good person, I stand by that statement.

    Put your name on the line, your real name, and let us tell us what you think about him. Tell you how evil he is in your opinion.

    My name is Manuel Barrera, in case you have any doubts. Ask me how many Democrats I voted for? Kim Ogg, George Barnstone, the person running against Dan Patrick and two others whom I will not name.

  5. Manuel Barrera says:

    By the way Ross there was a lot that was going on behind the scenes that should not have occurred. Maybe in time it will come up, but ask why he would plead now when he could have done months ago on a class C?

  6. Ross says:

    Manuel, I am a radical moderate who has historically voted more Republican than Democrat due to stances on gun control and limited government. That’s changed the past year as the Republicans become ridiculous on social issues that are important to me in terms of fairness and equal rights. Those social issues also distract from providing good governance and working to achieve workable solutions to our most pressing issues.

    In this election, I voted against Abbott and Davis, for Van de Putte (Patrick is an evil piece of scum), for Whitmire (he’s done a great job forever), and for a bunch of Republican judges. I voted for Sam Houston for AG, because I won’t vote for a crook like Paxton.

    I asked the question about Trevino because your tone implied, to me at least, that since he was a good person and was nice to constituents, we should ignore the criminal issues. I can’t pretend to know why he took a late plea, but lots of politicians have egos that are out of control and lead them to poor decisions – Ben Reyes is an excellent issue of an ego overtaking common sense. Trevino may be a great guy with an awesome personality who truly cares. That’s fairly irrelevant now that he’s destroyed his reputation and his legacy.

  7. Manuel Barrera says:

    My tone on the original statement suggested all that to you? I said he was a good man, I did not mention his plea or go into what occurred.

    Results here in Harris County and the rest of the country suggests that the Democrats need to look within and see what kind of tent they have created that excludes so many people that may think differently than the direction the Democratic party has taken.

    Democrats lost Colorado because they pandered to the racists in their party. Immigrants are not looking for amnesty, only about 30% that are naturalized have chosen to become citizens.

    They are looking to the end of the deportations of good people and breaking up of families. They don’t mind secure borders and respect of Latinos. What message do the Democrats give when they lock the doors on the Dreamers here in Harris County. What message that they send when they are deporting more people from Harris County than any other county in the country?

    I don’t have a horse in that race as my family was here when the illegals from the north were getting wet crossing a river, people like Sam Houston, William Travis, David Crockett. The Barrera family was here and they remained here. Look up the history of Laredo and Rio Grande City, Roma Texas.

  8. joshua ben bullard says:

    i never knew him and never met him,however based on the centuries of positive contrubution he made in his official capacity to the public ,it will be a sad day in harris county if he has to do any prison time.

    warmly,joshua ben bullard

  9. joshua ben bullard says:


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