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Get yer Enron surplus items here

There will be a big auction of surplus Enron items this Wednesday at the Radisson Astrodome, which is quite near where I work. All sorts of interesting this will be available:

The nearly 5-foot tilted E being auctioned by Enron this week would be a real conversation piece at Matt Mitchell’s Internet café — if he could afford it.

“I think that will be one of the hottest items out there,” the former Enron employee said. “I’d be willing to put a couple of hundred on it myself, but I know it will be much higher than that.”

No, it’s not the big crooked E that’s outside the office building on Smith Street. That one’s not for sale.

Among the oddities up for sale are a number of fake, wooden flintlock pistols Enron gave away at trade shows and 18-inch replicas of three-masted tall ships.

“They’re nonworking,” Palmer said of the flintlock look-alikes. “They are at least 10 years old.”

The stands that come with the pistols are stamped “Enron Gas Services Corp.,” a name that hasn’t been used since the early ’90s.


There are Foosball and air hockey tables, as well as an entire basketball system still in the box it came in.

Arrayed in formation are hundreds of Herman Miller Aeron chairs, which retail for as much as $800 each.

Mmm…Foosball…Air hockey…I think I may sneak over there on Wednesday morning. Surely we can find room for an air hockey table.

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  1. I hereby authorize you to bid up to $200 for an Aeron chair for me (payable thru Paypal). I know they have milliions of them…used to sit in them as they tried to explain to me just how they made money. Never quite got it, and I thought I was just a dumb hick.