Enron auction a smash success

I wandered over to the Radisson Astrodome during my lunchtime to check out the Enron assets auction, but as you can see, I never made it in the door. (Sorry, Scott.) There were two lines stretching out the door, with probably 100 people total waiting to get in. (Don’t these people have day jobs?) Once I realized it was hopeless, I headed back to work.

Of course, you can go to dovebid.com and check out the auction via webcast if you really want to. I’ll have to look for another opportunity to buy an air hockey table.

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2 Responses to Enron auction a smash success

  1. Ah, well. I was only hoping for a sheer stroke of good luck. Next auction you happen across, I authorize, as previously, up to $200 for an Aeron chair. This time to be paid in person over a dinner for me, you, Jack, The Lair and Ginger and all available spouses. My treat.

    Where? At the James Coney Island on Westheimer, of course. I’ve always wanted to eat there, being a hot dog lover and all.

  2. Christine Moon says:


    Does anyone know when the next auction will be and if its available through the web?


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