Fastow arrest imminent

Former Enron evildoer Andrew Fastow is expected to turn himself in next week for arrest on fraud charges. As with David Kopper, the government appears to be aiming for a quick plea bargain:

The charges will probably come in the form of a criminal complaint, rather than an indictment by the Houston federal grand jury investigating Enron, said a source.

[Robert Mintz, a New-Jersey based attorney and former federal prosecutor] said this follows a pattern that the government, including the Enron Task Force, has used in approaching recent corporate cases. “They seem to like to fire an initial volley, signaling how strong their case is prior to indictment,” he said. Mintz said the government must intend to intimidate Fastow into a plea bargain.

No word from this article when Jeff Skilling or Kenny Boy Lay will be taking their turn at bat.

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