More fun in Montgomery County

I see that the Mainstream Montgomery County folks have discovered yours truly, as well as my fellow Axis of Left-Leaning Bloggers member Rob Humenik. They’ve got a decent collection of news stories linked, including this one, which contains a few priceless quotes:

“Our nation can only exist under a Christian nation,” Monte Lane told the court quoting a founding father whose name he said he could not remember. He said, “(This book) is the type of a book a pedophile or child molester would have in their home. Replace it by books with good moral values.” He went on to say, “This whole thing is being influenced by liberal, socialist fags.”


“What happened to the word marriage? Homosexuality is not something we want to normalize. Everyone knows that opposites attract, that doesn’t mean a man with a man or woman with a woman, the parts just don’t fit.” [Jim Jenkins, president of the Republican Leadership Council] said, “As a taxpayer, I’m angry my money is spent to buy these books and spent on healthcare to take care of these people’s illnesses that result from a deviant lifestyle.”

Sometimes I just can’t find it in my heart to come up with a snarky comment. Sometimes it’s just a little too depressing.

There’s a discussion thread at the Woodlands Online site regarding this topic, if anyone is interested. The sentiment on the first couple of pages is pretty firmly against the RLC and its ilk.

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