The Torch is out

New Jersey Senator Bob Torricelli has dropped his bid for reelection, thus giving a boost to the national Democrats’ efforts to hold the Senate. For the gory details and various scenarios, check out the Daily Kos.

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6 Responses to The Torch is out

  1. R. Alex says:

    My general attitude is to let the law prevail. If the law says they can put someone on the ballot with the AG’s approval, then GOP lawsuits will fall short and it’ll happen. If the law says they can’t, then the NJ Dems will have to sleep in the bed that they made.

    If, however, Kos’s last option comes to pass and they bypass the 2002 elections and put the replacement up in 2004, I will lose whatever sense of fairness in elections I currently have.


  2. Jack Cluth says:

    A real man would NEVER pull out early…. ;0)

  3. The law says that they can’t put anyone else on the ballot, period. They’ll have to outright ignore the law to push another candidate in.

  4. I think the courts will decide that, Owen. Here’s one opinion that says Torch can be replaced on the ballot.

    I want to win this by the rules, but after Bush v. Gore, don’t complain to me about getting screwed.

  5. Bush v. Gore was about the same blasted thing – following the law. The Florida Supreme Court disregarded deadlines regarding recounts determined by the legislature and constitutionally-granted powers given to the Secretary of State. The US Supreme Court intervened to overturn their wholsale disregard for the law.

    The New Jersey Supreme Court is the same as the Florida Supreme Court – a bunch of die hard Democrats trying to force fellow party members into office to the detriment of election law. Read their decision – they claim to be accepting a “liberal” interpretation of the law, while in reality, they are ignoring the law altogether.

    When the law is on your side, then you can complain to me about getting screwed, but until the statutes actually support your position, it will always be subterfuge, plain and simple.

  6. Sure, Owen: Two Republican judges, one independent judge, six judges appointed by a Republican governor. It’s all a Democrat plot, I tells ya!

    Get over it.

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